Minor General Procedures

Comprehensive minor general Surgery Services

Minor General Procedures

At Geelong Day Surgery, we offer a wide array of minor general procedures performed with precision and care to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Our expert team is committed to providing high-quality medical care with a focus on patient safety and comfort.

Available treatments and services

We provide:

• Excision of skin lesions.
• Excision or subcutaneous lesions e.g. Lipoma.
• Ligation, stripping, avulsion, injection of varicose veins (one leg at a time).
• Carpal tunnel decompression (Dupuytren contracture release).
• Umbilical hernia repair.
• Open repair of inguinal or femoral hernia.
• Excision of anal tags.
• Anorectal examination under anaesthesia.
• Injection and banding of haemorrhoids.
• Botox injection for anal fissure.
• Lateral sphincterotomy.
• Excision of scrotal lesions including epididymal cysts and open correction of hydrocoele and varicocoele.

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